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Itsy Bitsy® Pregnant Belly Casting

Celebrate and remember your pregnancy in a beautiful 3D life casting instead of just a photo.

You will also be able to share your beautiful pregnant form with your unborn child when they grow older. 

We believe that pregnant women are beautiful and should celebrate their new body shape with a stunning piece of artwork and offer you a choice of a  Professional "In-studio" belly casting service or the ability to "Do it Yourself" with a DIY casting kit.   

Ideally the best time for the cast is approximately 36 weeks, when you are looking the most pregnant but not too close to the arrival day. Some mums start as early as 22 weeks and do monthly castings to show the transformation of their pregnancy.

Please consult with your doctor/obstetrician before casting. 



$245 1/2 cast

$295 full cast 

Includes one hour sitting.

Casts come reinforced, wired and ready to hang.

All casts are sealed and primed in a acrylic white finish which allows yours cast to be decorated in any type of medium that you choose.

Bookings Essential

Ph. (08) 8358 4555


Price: $79.95 with  free postage

This kit contains everything you need to create a beautiful Cast & it is simple to do:

* 4 Rolls extra wide plaster gauze totalling 10.8 metres @ 150mm width including bonus roll.

Our plaster gauze is extra wide, thick and creamy to reduce join & overlaps and to provide an extra strong cast.

Our plaster gives you a smooth proffessional finish.

There are enough materials to cast the biggest of bellies such as a over 100kg x-large belly with twins from the shoulders to the thighs.

50Grams white Petroleum Jelly

Latex Gloves

Display Line

Full photographic step by step instructions



free delivery